Just Cause You Feel It Skateboard - Beautiful Artwork by Steven Daily

Just cause you feel it, doesn't mean its there - Skateboard
Just cause you feel it, doesn't mean its there - Skateboard
Click on the skateboard, to customize!
  Designed by - Steven Daily
  Store namestevendaily
  Priced at - $73.95 per skateboard
  Made of the best quality hard-rock maple, this 8 1/8" competition shaped board has supreme pop, whether you’re doing grinds on the half-pipe or kickflips in the street! Also available in other sizes and styles.

  Beautiful illustration by Steven Daily makes this deck all the more special!
  This is a completely customizable deck, you may add your initials, name, pseudonym, to the deck at no additional cost! 
  Makes a great gift for you!
  Makes an awesome, cool, birthday or christmas gift, for friends, kids, and family, the people you love!

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