Floral Fox Shower Curtain - Beautiful Art by Sharon Turner

Floral Fox Shower Curtain
Floral Fox - Shower Curtain
Click on the shower curtain, to customize!
  Designed by - Sharon Turner
  Store nameScrummylicious
  Priced at - $77.13 per shower curtain

  Beautiful, custom shower curtain, featuring in durable full color print, a wonderful, vivid, colorful artwork - a floral fox in the midst of foliage.
  This artwork is also available on other products, like binders, pillows, coasters, iPhone cases, and more.

  An awesome shower curtain - its a beautiful, elegant way to upgrade your powder room. Comes ready to hang with 12 stitch-enforced eyelets.
  Makes a great gift for newlyweds, couples, friends, and family, for birthday, bridal shower, wedding, anniversary, mother's day, christmas, holidays, and more.

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