English Garden - Beautiful Personalized Pocket Journal

English Garden - Beautiful Personalized Pocket Journal
English Garden - Pocket Journal
Click on the pocket journal, to customize!
  Designed by - Kat Parrella
  Store namekat_parrella
  Priced at - $10.50 per journal

  A beautiful, handy, stylish, handmade pocket journal, featuring your name on the front, and adorned with vintage look whimsical greenery and garden flowers, blooms and berries, in cheerful red, coral and gold. Handmade in the USA with 100% acid-free recycled paper, you may choose from 4 different styles for its 48 pages - blank, lined, grid, or checklist style - for use in recipe keeping, note taking, or sketching.
  The floral artwork is also available on other products, like notebook, notepad, and more.

  A beautiful, personalized, handmade pocket journal - the perfect accessory to keep your notes organized.
  Makes a wonderful gift for loved ones, friends and family, for birthday, valentine's day, mother's day, christmas, holidays, and more.

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